Environmental Studies Concentration- SD (BS)

The B.S. in Sustainable Development: Environmental Studies Concentration is a cross-disciplinary exploration of the relationship between humans and their environment. The degree prepares students to be conversant in multiple dimensions of environmental and sustainability issues through a foundation of coursework in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Graduates of this degree program are prepared for careers in which they help to bridge the gap between environmental scientists, policy makers, and the public, and they hold positions with environment-focused non-profit organizations, government agencies and private businesses.


Dr. Sandra Lubarsky, Chair
Sustainable Development Department
Living Learning Center

Sandy Wilson
Administrative Assistant

Applications for SD Teaching & Research Farm Resident

We are not currently accepting applications for residency spots on the SD Teaching & Research Farm.

Rent-free in exchange for ten hours of farm work per week.  Contact Brooke Kornegay at kornegayba@appstate.edu

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