Clubs & Organizations

Appalachian State University boasts over 300+ student clubs and organizations. Below you can find the ones we see as having a direct connection with the SD Department and those which are closely related. There are surely others that will benefit from having an SD influence so explore the many options by logging into Engage, viewing the club directory, and getting involved today!

Direct Connection with SD

This organizations were founded and/or run by SD faculty/students.

Sustainable Development Student Alliance (SDSA)

The ASU Sustainable Development Student Alliance will help to promote the education of sustainable development on campus and community wide.

Sustainability & Environmental Education Club (SEEC)

The Sustainability & Environmental Education Club (SEEC) is dedicated to increasing our community’s understanding of sustainability issues through the involvement of ASU students in educational programs. SEEC has worked with audiences of all ages, including preschoolers in the learning garden at ASU's Child Development Center, middle schoolers who visit our campus through GearUP, and adults through our Water Justice Forum. Join SEEC's page on AppSync to find out about upcoming meetings, projects and events. 

Appalachian State Students for New Urbanism

Students for New Urbanism engages the community and students to promote more vibrant and sustainable, urban environments.

Blue Ridge Conservancy Appalachian State University Campus Chapter

Saving the places you love! The mission of the Blue Ridge Conservancy and its campus chapter is permanently protecting land and water resources with agricultural, ecological, cultural, recreational and scenic value in the northwest North Carolina. Activities for the club include trail clean-ups, hikes, guest speakers, and so much more!

Closely Related with SD

Appalachian and the Community Together (ACT)

Appalachian and the Community Together (ACT) is Appalachian State University's clearinghouse for community service, service-learning, and community-based research opportunities within the NC High Country area, as well as across the state, nation, and world. The ACT office offers diverse opportunities for individuals and student groups to get involved in human services and environmental advocacy, as well as assists faculty members and community partners with integrating community service projects into their academic courses and local agencies.

Amnesty International

The mission of this Appalachian State University Chapter of Amnesty International is to inform campus and community of the importance of human rights, the existence of human rights violations, and to organize and coordinate action among various campus and community groups to support human rights and address human rights violations.

ASU Sustainable Energy Society (ASUSES), a.k.a. "Solar Club"

Solar Club is for people who are interested in sustainability. It is an extension of the American Solar Energy Society. Follow ASUSES on facebook for upcoming events, volunteering, and educational initiatives

Appalachian Social Justice Educators

Appalachian Social Justice Educators seek to engage critically and actively to understand and make positive change around issues of social justice both within our community and on a broader level.

Divest Appalachian

Divest Appalachian's purpose is to advocate for the University to divest its investments held in its endowment and its foundation from fossil fuel industries and to use less fossil fuels for its energy needs. We're also committed to raising awareness about climate change on campus and in the community.

impACT Team

The purpose of the impACT team is to serve as a bridge between the Boone Community and the ASU student body.

Marxist Student Union

The Marxist Student Union exists to educate the campus community about Marxism, promote the study of Marxist theory and thought, and advocate social and political action from a Marxist perspective.The Philosophy of Marx is summed up in two words: Freedom and Democracy. His ideas about Freedom and Democracy are radical, and include Freedom from material want and Democracy in the workplace. You can email us directly at:

Office of Sustainability

In 2009, The Office of Sustainability was created in order to guide and support the university toward its sustainability commitment. In support of the university sustainability mission statement the Office of Sustainability provides numerous services and collaborative efforts that range in focus from policy, assessment, pedagogy, and outreach.

Renewable Energy Initiative (REI)

The Renewable Energy Initiative works to reduce the environmental impact of Appalachian State University by replacing the University's existing sources of energy with cleaner forms of renewable energy technology on campus and serve as a resource for students and faculty by identifying and investing in the most appropriate energy projects.

Slow Food Appalachian State

Slow Food envisions a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it and good for the planet.

Sustainable Development Civic Garden

The Sustainable Development Civic Garden (formerly the Edible Schoolyard) is an excellent way to get involved in projects (both group and individual) out in the garden that will help students experience the beautiful results of proper gardening practices.