App State Students Study Tropical Forests & Development in Costa Rica

A group of 16 App State Sustainable Development (SD), Biology (BIO), and Environmental Science students are currently in Costa Rica with Dr. Rick Rheingans (SD) and Julia Showalter (BIO) studying tropical forest ecology and development. The group will spend the first 10 days in the Monteverde region, according to Rheingans, "exploring the cloud forests in the region and learning from communities and partners. The Monteverde region rests between around 1450m to 5000m. It has many unique ecology features, many of which of related to its high elevation in the Tilarán mountains. As moisture laden trade winds are pushed up over the mountains, water condenses and form clouds and mist which add moisture to the forest even during dry periods." Follow their experiences at this link:

Published: Jun 5, 2023 11:52am