Alumnus (n.): Rooted in the greek word alere "to nourish".

Sustainable Development students and alumni are nourished with a solid foundation and applicable skills during their studies at Appalachian State.  This nutrient cycle is continuously passed on when alumni engage in life-long learning by nourishing themselves and their communities through knowledge, service, activism, and continued education.

We are proud of our SD community. Click below to read about some of the reasons why:

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Alumni Accomplishments (just a sampling)

Graduate school

  • Political Science Master's program, University of Wyoming
  • Sustainable Engineering program, Villanova University
  • Sustainable Tourism Masters of Science program, East Carolina University
  • Environmental Management at the Nicholas School, Duke University
  • Urban Design masters program, University of North Carolina Charlotte
  • Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology Master's program, Keele University, England
  • Food Studies M.A. program in the School of Sustainability and the Environment, Chatham University, PA
  • Master's in Development Practice program, Emory University
  • Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership, Appalachian State University
  • College of Forestry's Peace Corps Master's International program, Oregon State University
  • Community and Regional Planning Master's program, Temple University
  • Community and Regional Planning Master's program, University of Oregon

Interesting positions and projects

  • Cooperative food trucks research, Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive (CoFed), San Fransisco, CA
  • Island Fellow, The Island Institute, Maine
  • Facilitation of a community partnership between UNC Asheville and a local alternative middle and high school, AmeriCorps
  • Social Enterprise Support intern, Heifer International, Boone, NC
  • Bio-diesel technician, Patriot BioDiesel, Greensboro, NC
  • Executive Director, Valle Crucis Community Park, Valle Crucis, NC
  • East coast sustainable farms bike tour, Bike Steady Farm Tour, Main to New Orleans
  • Sled dog caretaker in Denali National Park, Student Conservation Association, AK
  • Production manager, New River Organic Growers, Boone, NC
  • Owner/operator, Mountain Herb & Flower, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
  • Farmer Programs Coordinator, Organic Growers School, Asheville, NC
  • Land Access Coordinator, WNC FarmLink, Asheville, NC
  • Gardening Coordinator, Friendship Gardens, Charlotte, NC
  • Senior IT Project Manager for Hennepin County, New Hope, MN
  • Marketing & Development Coordinator, Green Opportunities, Asheville, NC

What Our Alumni Are Saying

"The SD program helped me learn to be a systems thinker, to integrate information from all kinds of seemingly unrelated domains, to come up with original ideas, new realizations, and to find solutions to new and challenging problems. I don't know that I would be as facile with these approaches to my work and life if I had not been through the SD program in concert with what was called the IDS department back in the early 90s. My time and work at Appalachian taught me not just subject details and specific information, but it taught me how to think, how to process information, and how to work hard to see a future result. The value is not only in the subject expertise you walk out with, but the abilities that will let you become a lifelong explorer and discoverer.

Students entering today are very lucky to have this grounded and established SD program to foster their knowledge and practical acquisition of new skills the world definitely needs more of. Learning how to learn, and how to learn deeply and quickly is a critical life skill in 2014, where there is more superficial pseudo-information around than we could have imagined in the 90s. Students today must acquire strong critical thinking and filtering skills."