SD Outreach Projects

Read about some of our outreach initiatives below and explore how you can get involved through campus club and organizations.

Sustainable Farming Resource Center

The  Goodnight Family Sustainable Development Department has a resource center to assist small-scale growers. We rent high-quality equipment, including an Incubator and Mobile Processing Unit (MPU) on a trailer.

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Lettuce Learn: Farm-to-School Support Network

Lettuce Learn strives to build the physical, environmental, and socio-economic health of communities by using agricultural knowledge and outdoor classrooms to inspire and educate children. They work with schools and organizations to create and support learning gardens in the High Country of North Carolina.  The Sustainable Development Department offers support for their programs in various ways including volunteer recruitment and providing grant writing and research as a class project in summer 2014.

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Sustainable Development Civic Garden

Want to grow some carrots and lettuce on campus this semester? The Sustainable Development Department's garden and greenhouse is located beside the Living Learning Center (LLC) and is a teaching facility for sustainable agriculture and food systems, where students can work outdoors and learn together.

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Southern Appalachian Environmental Research and Education Center

SAEREC is the newest addition to the Research Institute for the Environment, Economics and Energy (RIEEE) and is one of three Centers located within the Institute. SAEREC addresses a broad range of research issues concerned with environmental issues facing the Southern Appalachian Mountains, ranging from biodiversity and conservation, ecological restoration, air quality, land use change, and regional climate change impacts. SD Faculty member, Laura England, is the outreach coordinator for the center.  Laura is highly involved with environmental education on campus including: K-12 outreach on watershed science and stream ecology, hosting environmental education workshop series for educators, and advising ASU undergrads who want to do environmental education with local youth.

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Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture

Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture (BRWIA) is dedicated to strengthening the High Country's local food system by supporting women and their families with resources, education, and skills related to sustainable food and agriculture. Assistant Professor Jacqui Ignatova serves on the board, and numerous SD students have engaged with this meaningful organization.

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 High Country Farm Tour

The High Country Farm Tour aims to educate consumers about the importance of sustainable agriculture and local food while also increasing income through on-the-farm sales and advertising.The SD Department has been a long time supporter of the Farm Tour by providing volunteers, financial support, and promotion.  And of course, the SD Teaching & Research Farm is always a featured farm on the tour!

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The FARM Cafe- Feed All Regardless of Means

Sustainable Development was a member of the Planning Committee for FARM Cafe. This restaurant will provide a free space where people of all social and economic groups can gather to eat a healthy meal, and since there are no set prices, customers will pay what they can. This endeavor is providing many internships, service-learning, and employment for many ASU students.

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music fest in sugar groveCove Creek Community

Preserving Heritage through Community Development

Sustainable Development Outreach was instrumental in revitalizing the historic WPA-built Cove Creek School to promote sustainable and economic development in this area. The refurbished school generated 40 jobs and now houses several business and non-profits.

Music Fest 'n Sugar Grove

The school is also the site for the annual Music Fest n’ Sugar Grove, a combined effort between Sustainable Development and the Cove Creek Preservation and Development, a non-profict dedicted to preserving the school. The Music Fest continues to raise community awareness as well as funds for the community of Cove Creek, the Micro Business Incubation Center at the Old Cove Creek School, and the Doc and Rosa Lee Scholarship fund for students majoring in Sustainable Developmet at ASU.

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