Education and Outreach

Education in Sustainable Poultry

Education can help address environmental issues in poultry production and increasing justice in the food system. Education and outreach lead to change.

We need workers in agriculture, future farmers, and an educated, engaged public.

A comprehensive on-line Sustainable Poultry Production course for undergraduate students is under development by a consortium of universities.
We want to engage students and help them think critically about poultry production, especially as they enter the workforce. Many students are caring and community-minded.

Small-scale poultry production information is also available from the eXtension Community of Practice Small and Backyard Flocks. Regional training is often available. Ex. NC Cooperative Extension hosts small flock training. Nonprofit organizations also provide education.

Education for beginning farmer education is important since the number of farmers has decreased over time in the U.S. Only 2% of the population is involved in agricultural production in the U.S. and farmers are aging. Some education is targeted for military veterans who want to explore farming as a business (see Frontline to Farm). International outreach is also important for development.

With funding from “Systems-based integrated program for enhancing the sustainability of antibiotic-restricted poultry production” at the University of Connecticut (US Department of Agriculture NIFI AFRI Sustainable Agriculture Systems program 2020-69012-31823.)