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Independent Study

  • Special Course Form: Obtain form in SD Office (LLA 113). Fill out your full name and e-mail address in the appropriate spaces. Form must be signed by the Department Chair.
  •  In the appropriate spaces:
    • fill out the appropriate lines
    • the signature of your instructor and the Department Chair is required
    • your instructor will determine the requirements of the independent study and fill out the independent study outline on the second page
    • your signature is required on the second page
  • Make a copy of the Special Course Form and the Independent Study Form for the Sustainable Development Departmen, a copy for yourself, and supply a copy to your instructor.
  • Take the entire package to the University College Dean's office located in the BB Dougherty Administration building, room 207 for signature; then to the Graduate School located in room 232, John E. Thomas (JET) building; then to the Registrar's Office (also in JET), room 134 or 109.


Visit the Sustainable Development Internships page to learn more.

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