Skills Based Courses

The Skills Area on your Program of Study is made up of courses that are relevant to your degree and the work you wish to do. Courses counted toward other major requirements may not be counted in the Skills Area.

Listed below are some of the skills-based courses you may want to take as part of your degree requirements. Other skills-based courses may be offered during your academic career; you will want to be on the look out for appropriate courses that may arise.

Your selection of courses must be approved by your adviser in order to insure that your overall program of study meets degree requirements, results in a coherent program, and helps you prepare to do the work you wish to do. (Students in the B.S. Community, Regional, and Global Development are required to complete 6 hours of a language sequence as part of the skills area requirement.)


View list of sample skills courses for Agroecology Concentration

View list of sample skills courses for Sustainable Development BA

Other Sample Skills Courses

  • ACC 2100 Principles of Accounting I (3 s.h.) 
  • ACC 3560 Accounting for Non-Profit Organizations (3)* 
  • ANT 3550 Applied Anthropology 
  • ANT 3900 Ethnographic Writing and Video 
  • ANT 3405 Quantitative Methods in Anthropology 
  • ANT 3410 Qualitative Methods in Anthropology 
  • COM 3124 Intercultural Communication 
  • COM 3311 Conflict Management 
  • COM 3620 Principles of Fundraising 
  • COM/PLN 4425 Task-Oriented Group Facilitation Methods (3).S. 
  • GHY/PLN 3800 Intro to Quantitative Methods 
  • GHY 2812 Geospatial Data and Technology 
  • GHY 3812 Introduction to GIS 
  • HIS 4640 Interpretation in Museums 
  • IDS 2450 Intro to Not-for-Profit Organizations 
  • PLN 3431 Planning Techniques 
  • PLN 4700 Project Management 
  • SD 2700 Skills for Sustainable Development (when approved by advisor)