Sustainable Development (BS) - Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture Concentration

pastured eggsAgroecology concentrators in Sustainable Development critically examine the ecology of food production and equity in food systems.  We focus on the capture of solar energy for food, building carbon in the soil (and removing it from the atmosphere), nutrient cycling, and high biodiversity to provide resilience.  Students learn practical skills, principles of commons, and community building in campus gardens and the university farm in Fleetwood.  The SD Teaching and Research Farm is diversified with crop, horticulture, livestock, and forestry production and is rooted in Southern Appalachian culture and place.  Students also learn in the local community with farmers, county extension educators, and nonprofit organizations.  Students study community development, global engagement, and policies that support farmers and provide access to healthy, local food for all.  Students are prepared to work in farming, research, community, institutions, and international food system development.  Our students use their knowledge and skills to take action for a regenerative agriculture that is socially just.

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