Sustainable Development (BA)

recycled artThis degree program introduces students to innovative modes of interdisciplinary scholarship in sustainable development; fosters leadership in sustainability and effective environmental citizenship; promotes ecological literacy; and provides students with the opportunity to self-design an environmental specialization that matches their interests and career goals.

Students who have graduated with a BA in Sustainable Development currently work across a broad spectrum of sustainability-oriented careers, including environmental public policy, green building and high performance building technology, sustainability education, watershed conservation, agritourism, and farm management. Other students who have graduated with the BA in Sustainable Development are pursuing graduate study in a variety of programs, including international development, political science, environmental law, food systems, sustainable tourism, wildlife management, urban planning, and theology.

The BA degree program has self-designed environmental specialization; requires the intermediate sequence of foreign language courses; and requires a minor.

At Appalachian State University, a program of study is a checksheet that outlines a major's critical requirements, courses, and optimal course sequences and helps students get on the right track to graduation. Click below to see the BA Sustainable Development degree requirements.