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Core Faculty

Research and Teaching Interests: Political ecology and political economy; grassroots activism for environmental and socio-economic change; alternative economies; globalization and development; expertise and the politics of knowledge; power, subjectivities, and socio-cultural change; community-based and activist research methods; Latin America and the United States.
Research and Teaching Interests: In addition to his knowledge and skills in agriculture, agroforestry and organic gardening, his areas of expertise include endogenous knowledge systems; farmer experimental practices and knowledge generation processes in agroforestry systems; participatory (RRA/PRA) and survey research methods; program evaluation; and qualitative and quantitative data analysis.
Research and Teaching Interests: environmental science, ecology, freshwater ecosystems, headwaters, wetlands, watershed systems, terrestrial-aquatic interactions, community-based watershed conservation, environmental education
Research and Teaching Interests: Ecological poultry production (free-range, organic); alternative slow- and medium-growing meat genotypes, alternative feeding including free-choice systems, humane stun and slaughter for small flocks, meat quality; use of natural compounds for enteric health; small flock production for local and regional food markets; integrating free-range poultry in animal grazing systems and agroforestry systems; certification programs such as certified organic, animal welfare assurance programs, American origin; role of small and mid-size farms in sustainable agriculture and rural development, sustainable agriculture education
Research and Teaching Interests: Environmental political theory, global environmental politics, African political thought, postcolonial theory, contemporary political theory, indigenous ecological knowledge, globalization and development, political ecology, international political economy, interpretive methodologies, political ethnography, West Africa, and Ghana.
Research and Teaching Interests: Jacqui's research and teaching interests include global environmental politics, the politics of food and agriculture, globalization and development, global political economy, technology, politics, and society, social movements, peace and conflict, and Africa and the United States.
Research and Teaching Interests: Political economy, international development, political ecology, economic geography, subaltern social movements, identity politics, indigeneity, climate change, Asian capitalism, agroecological transformations, qualitative methods, South Asia, Himalayas
Research and Teaching Interests: Interaction between socio-economic factors, the environment and health, global environmental health and equity issues, small farm agroforestry, basic food production, global health and development, water and sanitation, the effect of disparities on vaccine preventable diseases, and poverty
Research and Teaching Interests: Environmental Literature, Environmental Humanities, Environmental Justice, Working-class Studies, and Environmental Writing
Research and Teaching Interests: environmental conservation and sustainable development; resource management and tenure relations; dispossession, displacement and resettlement; human-wildlife conflict and multi-species relations; global environmental politics; indigenous and environmental rights movements; gender, identity, and development; landscapes, and place attachments; environmental values, knowledge, and discourses; interdisciplinary, ethnographic and collaborative methodologies; creative engagements in sustainable development; pedagogy for connecting across difference

Adjunct Instructors

Research and Teaching Interests: Permaculture and Environmental Science
Research and Teaching Interests: Jim's program areas of expertise include Latino farmworker safety, forest landowner education, and forest farming of ginseng. He will be teaching SD 3150- Soils and Soil Fertility Management

Chip Hope, M.S.

Research and Teaching Interests: Sustainable Agriculture
Research and Teaching Interests: Environmental history and place-based history; environmental humanities; comparative mountain studies; labor, political ecology/economy, and social movements; Indigenous studies; agriculture and foodways; environmental knowledge systems; oral history, rural community development, and community-based history; the United States (especially Appalachia, the American South, and New England)

Susan Reed, Ph.D.

Research and Teaching Interests: Education in a time of mass extinction: critical (eco)pedagogy, ecojustice education, pedagogy of grief/solastagia; transformative education, collaborative teaching/learning; sustainability, social change & the Arts; feminist and ecophilosophies, extinction studies, indigenous knowledge, phenomenology of time, political ecology, ritual, and the radical imagination. Research methodologies in a time of mass extinction: arts-based research, a/r/tography, autoecography, transdisciplinary & collaborative research.
Research and Teaching Interests: Agroforestry, sustainable forest management, forestry
Research and Teaching Interests: Animal Health Care, ecology, sustainable development, animal studies, anatomy and physiology, immunology, biology, and Appalachian Studies.


Dr. Richard Rheingans, Chair
Sustainable Development Department
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Sandy Wilson
Administrative Assistant

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