Choose an appropriate internship

Research potential internships (see Resources for Finding an Internship) and consult with your academic advisor to make sure that the internship you choose is an appropriate addition to your program of study. In order to receive academic credit from the Sustainable Development program for an internship, the internship must relate to one or more student learning outcomes for the Sustainable Development program. View a list of student learning outcomes for Sustainable Development here. Approval of your internship depends upon whether the internship meets SD learning outcomes. You must receive approval from your academic advisor to recieve SD credit for an internship.

If you want your internship to count in your program of study, the internship must be relevant to your concentration or focus area (Agroecology & Sustainable Agriculture; Community, Regional & Global Development; Environmental Studies; or the B.A. in Sustainable Development). You must consult with your academic advisor and receive their approval before the internship begins in order to obtain academic credit.

Academic credit will be based on a minimum of 40 field placement hours per semester hour credit. Therefore, an internship receiving 3 semester hours of credit must consist of a minimum of 120 work hours. Be sure that your chosen internship will provide enough work to fulfill these requirements.