Final paper

At the end of your internship, you will complete a 4-6 page (double-spaced) paper reflecting on your experience. This paper should not be a summary of your work logs, but a reflection on the significance of your internship experience in terms of sustainable development.

If you are doing your internship to count as an elective for your specific concentration (Agroecology & Sustainable Agriculture; Community, Regional & Global Development; Environmental Studies; or the B.A. in Sustainable Development) the paper should reflect on aspects of sustainable development specific to your concentration or focus area. For example, if you are doing the internship to count as an Environmental Studies elective, the paper should reflect on your internship experience in the context of the Environmental Studies aspects of Sustainable Development.

While the above assignment is set as the standard for SD internship course work, be aware that your faculty internship supervisor may alter or amend this assignments as (s)he deems appropriate. Be sure to consult with your faculty internship supervisor to find out what work is expected from you. Any alterations or additions should be listed on your Sustainable Development Internship Learning Contract.