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Faculty: Having trouble accessing the internship inventory?

The Internship Inventory can only be accessed from the faculty/staff vLAN. This means the computer you're using must be registered on the network to a faculty or staff member (computer labs and public access computers won't be able to access it). Generally when this happens, trying to access the Inventory will result in a "cannot connect to server" message after it sits for a while (eventually the request times out).

A quick way to check this is to visit: http://ess.appstate.edu/check

If that page says "insecure", then it's a good bet that the computer you're using is not registered correctly. The fastest way to get this fixed is to submit a support request support.appstate.edu asking them to de-register your computer (so you may then re-register it in your own name).

From off-campus, you can use the ASU VPN system to establish a secure connection back to the campus network from anywhere in the world. Sign in at: asuvpn.appstate.edu  It will need to install a browser plug-in the first time you visit, so be sure to click the "allow"/"ok"/"accept" buttons as the installer runs. Once it's setup, you'll be taken to a portal page with a list of links (including things like Banner). The Internship Inventory will have a link in that list.