Journaling assignments

The journaling assignments should be completed in the following order and evenly spaced throughout the duration of your internship. While these journaling assignments are set as the standard for SD internship course work, be aware that your faculty internship supervisor may alter or amend these assignments as (s)he deems appropriate. Be sure to consult with your faculty internship supervisor to find out what work is expected from you. Any alterations or additions should be listed on your Sustainable Development Internship Learning Contract.

  • Journal No. 1: This document will include a description of the organization (history, sustainability issues addressed, type of organization (public, private, etc.), objectives of the organization, amount and source of financing, networks and relationships with other organizations, work methodology) as well as a description of the program and activities conducted by the student.
  • Journal No. 2: This document will include an evaluation of the organization and the program in which the student participated – the strengths (positive aspects) and weaknesses (aspects that should be dealt with in a different way from the perspective of sustainable development). It will also analyze the orientation of the organization's work from a sustainable development perspective.
  • Journal No. 3: This document will specifically address how the internship met one or more learning outcomes for sustainable development. It will also include a brief self-evaluation of your performance as an intern. This should be completed in the last week of your internship.